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May. 19th, 2009 08:46 pm
So, this is rather nice, isn't it? And pink. I quite like the pink, actually, though I wouldn't have five years ago.

So. On to more important things - my parents took me to see Star Trek today (second viewing!) and there are a few things I noted.

- Tribble! (OK, so I was specifically looking out for it because someone mentioned its presence to me. Now, I was a Star Trek virgin before I watched this movie - almost. The only clip of any of the TV shows that I have ever seen is very blurry in my memory, but involves the crew being waist-deep in tribbles, or some such nonsense.)

- The idea that Kirk and Spock fought over Uhura? Not freaking EVEN. Kirk didn't even come into it, and for good reason, bar-fight-starting hick that he was.

- Starfleet Uniforms. There's been discussion in the feminist blogosphere - well, the bits of it I lurk at, at least - about the filmmakers' decision to have the women in skirts. And, yeah, I can definitely see the problem they have there - tight bums on the male uniforms doesn't make up for such an expanse of thigh on show for the woman-loving portion of the audience to enjoy.

However! The women of Starfleet are not all shown wearing minis. It seems to be the fashion, yes; but there are women in uniforms of all the colours I saw (except for yellow, don't remember seeing any women in yellow) wearing pants, too. The first one I saw was on the Kelvin, the female officer who salutes Kirk Sr on the stairs; the bug-eyed medic who helps bring Jim into the world also wears trousers. At least a couple of black-uniformed women at the cadet academy were in pants; blue-uniformed, on ships, ditto; even at least two red-uniformed women (one wearing black pants on the Enterprise, one in all red at the academy). I'm, er, assuming that uniform has something to do with rank ... or specialty ... but, whatever, there are trouser-wearing women in all of them! So, obviously, female cadets/officers/what-have-you have a choice of uniform in New Trekverse. The fact that a bunch of them choose the skirt option meshes with my experiences at a school where the female uniform was kilt-and-blouse or pants-and-blouse, so I didn't feel any cognitive dissonance there.

Over at Feminist SF, one commenter stated that Uhura was "further degraded" by the fact that she chose to wear the skirt uniform, and dangly earrings to boot (those earrings totally changed colour throughout the film, right? Or did she just change them?). Er, WHAT? No. Hell no. Uhura is not degraded by her choice to wear a skirt. That's a stupid thing to say, and insulting to boot - what, women degrade themselves by not wearing trousers, and Uhura degrades herself by choosing a wardrobe similar to that of most of her peers? She doesn't have a combat role, and the skirt doesn't stop her from sprinting down a corridor on at least one occasion, so it's not an impractical choice for her to make. Her main responsibility involves sitting down, not high-kicking. Sheesh.



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